Handpan Book Reviews

Review Drums & Percussion - Issue May, June 2021

Daniel Giordani - Wikipedia
(Edition Dux)

The original Handpan (or Pantam), which was developed from the idea of the Steeldrum, was originally intended purely as a sound sculpture. The instrument can be played intuitively without any previous education – but you should have fun improvising. This is not for everyone; therefore, the author would like to offer a few thoughts to all those who have acquired the instrument because of the sound, but do not like to improvise and therefore hardly play. Since the handpan itself is still young, there are hardly two identical instruments: each has a different intonation, pitch configuration and tuning. The subtitle of the book is: »For beginners and slightly advanced players«; he therefore first explains the instrument and a notation for the various sounds for the beginner. Other chapters offer ideas and exercises on topics such as rhythm, hand movements, special playing techniques, figures for conclusions, a series of play pieces and much more. Accompanying this, there are 34 videos, available on the Internet via QR code for the respective exercise.

Info: Edition Dux, ISBN: 978-3-86849-350-4,
114 pages, with online videos, price: 24,80 Euro.