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Feedback on the handpan book


Learning with the joy of playing

A wonderful book that conveys the joy of handpan from the very beginning. Already the first exercises give the handpan newcomer the feeling to make music. A well-summarized introductory text first conveys a historical outline of the development and background of the Handpan. The subsequent extensive learning and practice part concentrates mainly on basic rhythms, from my point of view the prerequisite of every good game on the instrument. Accompanied by vivid videos, no open questions remain. The book is well structured and the level of difficulty increases slowly and logically up to finished, small pieces of music. These even work with different handpan scales. The quotation is ingeniously easy to concentrate on the essentials and intuitively implementable. Although I am not a beginner on the handpan, the book has given me many new impulses. Everyone can discover something new in it and the author deliberately invites you to experiment with the material. This makes learning fun and conveys the joy of playing while practicing. In the appendix you will find valuable information about the common handpan scales. Highly recommended!


Easy to understand for beginners.

Bought me a handpan and was a bit naïve about learning. I'm probably not a natural talent either.
After buying this book, I practice about half an hour every day and I have to say it's fun and I've already made some progress. The lessons start for beginners and increase slowly.
Without the book, I probably would have lost the desire and sold the handpan again.From me a clear purchase recommendation.

Torsten B.


Great book that keeps what the title promises!

I've been playing handpan for almost 3 years... how much I longed at the beginning for help in discovering the possibilities that the handpan offers.
It may be that my need for "tutoring" was greater than that of people who had already played other instruments before the handpan.... they like to say that the handpan can be learned purely intuitively.
Yes, the handpan always sounds perfect because it is a great instrument.... but many beginners are surprised that what they play themselves sounds so different from the YouTube videos 😉
When listening and playing, you can see and feel a big difference between people who "know" what they are doing and people who lack this "knowledge".
Daniel Giordani has this knowledge in abundance, but more importantly, he also has the knowledge to convey it!
As a beginner, this book would have helped me a lot. But even now, after 3 years of playing experience and live lessons, I am enthusiastic about the many exercises, the different rhythms, the explanations and beautiful melodies and discover more than enough new things for my playful development. The videos are also super helpful and when playing along (great both via headphones and speakers) you almost have the feeling of a live lesson. The design of the book is also well thought out: the spiral binding makes it easier to turn the page while playing.



TOP book!

I've only had my handpan since autumn! Thanks to the book and the matching videos, I have already made some progress! The (for me) simple notation allows me to follow players after such a short time!
The book is very well structured, for each learning sequence or the exercise pieces there are also videos on Youtube, which support very well!

Great book, thanks for that! .... so learning is fun!
Daniela K.



Great book!!

Great setup!
Helpful for beginners, but also for people with musical education, it offers many tips and game ideas, which can then be processed a separate piece.
Very clearly constructed and beautifully designed. A great book! I can recommend it to anyone who wants to play this wonderful instrument.

Christina R.


Just wanted to leave some feedback there.

In March of last year, a handpan came to me and moved in with me. The search for lessons began, then came the first lockdown. ..I play every day, even for a short time, not so easy with a full-time job. For Christmas I got your book and I can say top... I get along well and make great progress for myself. We are a group of people who know each other personally, everyone now has your book and we practice and play together online, thank you very much for this opportunity


So beautiful!!!

I find your book and especially the songs for (slightly) "advanced" so beautiful!!! I am happy that the songs are good for me to learn - and now my question: are there any other songs for this level of yours? That would be great!!


Cool... finally a book that helps me to improve my game.

I've been playing handpan for 2 years and intuition alone definitely hasn't got me where I want to go in a playful way. I've had the book for a week and I realize I'm getting a little closer to
my goal P.K.


Great book!

Great setup! Good for getting started playing on this instrument, but also for musically trained people, as it shows many new tips and playing possibilities. Is it really fun to play through it!!!