My Music Projects

I'm currently playing with:

  • my handpan solo project "Soft Landing"
  • with the duo Kenebonda together with Yela Brodesser
  • with the band Kenebonda and
  • with the percussion band Rhytmotop Ensemble


You are welcome to order the CD ́s from me under . The Kenebonda CD ́s are also available via the popular streaming platforms.




Daniel Giordani - Soft Landing

ALBUM: 12 Titel

With this handpan and percussion album I would like to present some of my compositions of the last few years. As the title of the album already promises, it is gentle music to arrive at yourself. The songs are quite relaxed, light and airy, inviting you to lean back and enjoy. The music is very calm and tender, but still has drive and a pulsating groove. My roots in percussive dance music remain clearly noticeable. The handpan sounds are variedly combined with other instruments. You can hear guitar, kora, ngoni, didgeridoo, frame drum, udu, berimbao, jaw harp and much more. Everything was recorded live and analog by hand. I want to thank everyone who has inspired me and helped me to find this music and bring it into this form. I feel it is a great gift being able to live my creativity and to express all my being and my emotions with my art. I wish all listeners a lot of joy with it and a deep immersion and a good arrival in yourself.



Kenebonda - In your Eyes

ALBUM: 12 tracks

The CD "In your Eyes" is the latest release of the band Kenebonda.

Kenebonda takes you on a colorful musical journey. The band's soundscapes range from soft and delicate handpan and flute sounds to groovy and crisp percussion compositions. Yela's spherical vocals merge with Coalman's gripping rhymes, like dawn with the midday sun. Kenebonda combines different musical cultures and styles into a unique sound that invites listeners to dream and dance.



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Kenebonda - Earthsound Grooves

ALBUM: 12 tracks

The CD "Earthsound Grooves" is a production of the Kenebonda Duo with guest musicians.

Kenebonda takes the audience on a journey into the world of rhythm. The created sound worlds range from soft and delicate sounds of handpans and Indian tablas to groovy, crisp compositions with cajons and African slit drum to ecstatic, trancig-fiery West African djembe rhythms.




Jah Riddim - Like Gold

With Jah Riddim, a handful of musicians from a wide variety of genres meet and their musical communication ranges from powerful, percussive dance elements to gentle, soft sound creations. The richness of sound of the group is achieved through a colorful range of instruments from various cultures. West African djembes and dunduns meet the Australian didgeridoo, just like the hang with its harp-like sound is played around by a soft bass clarinet. MC Coalman's vocals give Jah Riddim's music its typical character, and anyone who listens to the lyrics about "Jah and the World" will recognize many themes that make up the rhythm of life in multicultural Vienna. A true world music fusion that makes you groove and gets under your skin.

I was allowed to participate as a guest musician on the following CD projects:



Andeo - Come Close

Welcome to this musical journey. A journey to connect more deeply with the great mystery, the spirits, the plants, to immerse oneself in healthy relationships and to let go of those who no longer support us. A journey of learning to deal with emotions, profound changes in the inner and outer world. And at the end of the path, only gratitude remains.

RHYD - Mantra Sessions

Some recordings of mantra sessions with musicians around Ron Jagannath have led to this CD
R_Ron - Vocals, Guitar
H_Heike - Vocals, Harmonium
Y_Yela - Vocals, Percussions
D_Daniel - Percussions