For many years I have been building instruments. I like to work with a wide variety of materials: wood, metal, calabashes and with skins of goats, calves and cows. Recycling products are also perfect for small percussions.

I build many instruments for myself, some are also for sale. For drums I also offer repair service.


The Roda Drum is a very nice handmade tank drum made of metal. They are available in different sizes and surface treatments, in flamed metal look, lacquered, nitrided or tinned.
It is made of a metal dome and has 9-10 incised sounding slats.

Each Roda Drum is unique.


These udus are instruments made of fired clay pottery by "Art for Users". They are handmade unique pieces from the Austrian Waldviertel. By striking the side opening with the whole palm of your hand, a deep sound is created that resembles the bulbous bass sound of an Indian tabla. The ceramic body can be played with the fingers or with the whole hand. The Earthsound Udu also has a laterally positioned natural fur playing surface. As a result, this Udu allows the player countless creative playing techniques.


Repair service and coverings: If your drum no longer sounds as it should, the fur has cracked or the body has cracked, it does not have to go straight to the attic.
I offer cheap re-tensioning, new bracing (possibly with new rings, ropes, edge post-processing, ...) and body repairs.


Like the kora, the Kamalen Ngoni is a string instrument from West Africa. It is played in Burkina Faso and Mali and has 6 strings in the original version, which are tuned pentatonic. The Kamalen Ngoni is a further development of the hunter harp Donso Ngoni. In the meantime, however, there are also instruments with more pages. I have built some ngonis with 12 sides so far. As a result, it has a large sound spectrum and many interesting playing possibilities.