Handpan book 2

for slightly advanced players, with online videos

The Handpan Book 2 by Daniel Giordani contains, based on the basic playing techniques, a lot of new material for playing and learning. With the numerous exercises, slightly advanced handpan players can develop their playing technique, get more flexibility on the instrument and improve their musical expression.
All exercises are presented with simple and easy-to-understand notation and can be implemented with a wide variety of handpan scales. The book offers many new exciting grooves as well as exercises on paradiddles, triplets, rolls, swirls and flams. New sound possibilities, such as isolated harmonics or percussive sounds with the fist and knuckles, are explored. Timing and coordination are strengthened and trained through numerous 4-beat and 3-beat rhythm exercises. Eight beautiful and varied practice pieces offer the opportunity to practice and musically implement the new techniques learned. More than 30 linked online videos provide a very good additional learning aid alongside the explanations and exercises.

A short video introduction to the book can be found at: