Riddimbaker Collection 2 Reviews

Off-beat Review Issue 05/2021


After the great success of the first volume, the follow-up work Riddimbaker Collection 2" by Daniel Giordani has now been published. Again Giordani has written 50 beautiful and very varied original compositions for djembé, three bass drums (Dundun, Sangban and Kenkeni), smalpercussion and accompanying melody. In this book you will find many varied compositions, which are kept entirely in the tradition of West African, polyrhythmic music, but this time he also succeeds in breaking with the normal standards and writing pieces that are atypical and therefore very interesting for djembé music. For example, the piece "Desert" with its long dundun line, or the piece "Distract", which is a composition for 3 djemben without bass drum voices. Giordani also has odd metres this time in three fantastic compositions "El Guru". Kandambam' and 'Another Di-mension'. The structure of his pieces is, as in the first volume, clear and graphically clear as a modular principle, the notation represented by bundling the pulsations. Thus, the arrangement, consisting of intro, basic patterns, break, solo and accompanying melody can be creatively determined by yourself. For each piece there is a short description and classification in the difficulty level easy", medium " and difficult". There is also a QR code that you can use to listen to and play all the voices on your website. Under www.trommel-schule.eu you will also find information about interesting workshops and seminars. Without a doubt, Daniel Giordani is an expert in the field of cultural and social anthropology/ethnomusicology, a sought-after rhythm pedagogue and musician, but really remarkable is the inexhaustible, creative output as a composer of his own ensemble pieces! For all djembé-enthusiastic percussionists who want to open up new ways, an absolute purchase recommendation!
Ellen Mayer